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The Our Services page does not describe every specific engineering service we offer.† Please call us at 613-837-1235, or send us an e-mail at, so that we can discuss your specific needs.† If we are unable to offer your required service, we will often be able to refer you to an excellent company that specializes in that area.

I donít see the specific service I am looking for listed on the Our Services page.† Do you provide my required service?

Our services are conducted at an affordable, competitive rate.† A fee schedule is available upon request.† Budgetary concerns can be discussed at the outset of an assignment or investigation.† Also, we will remain in contact throughout the length of the assignment to ensure that your needs, budgetary and otherwise, are being met.

My file or claim has a limited budget.† How can I ensure that costs will be manageable?

While most of our assignments are located in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, DFA engineers have also conducted investigations in the United States, Africa, Northern Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Nunavut.† We are available to travel for investigations throughout Canada, North America, or the World.

What geographical area does DFA Engineering Services Inc. cover?

Every assignment has different factors that affect the length of time to completion, not the least of which is the needs of the client.† If the timeline is a concern, we can discuss the requirements of the assignment at the outset, and set a target for completion at that time.

I need a report to be completed quickly.† What timeline can I expect your investigation to completed under?

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